In Honour of the Recent Super Blue Blood Moon

In order to highlight the immense beauty of the ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’ that graced our skies recently, I wanted to share one of my poems with you, which was published in my debut poetry book, “Proceed With Awesome” (Available here).

Secrets Of The Crescent Moon

The moon has many faces,

Each one is like someone,

Things we see, and things we don’t,

Of those times now long gone.


Some people keep lots locked away,

Some people will share most,

But no matter how open they might be,

There’s one door that stays closed.


Everyone has a dark side,

Even if not shown,

And if they do share most times,

It’s when trust has grown.


Inside myself, I hide things too,

Of times I wish I could forget,

Things I couldn’t tell a soul,

Though one day this I may regret.


As I went to bed last night,

Upon my pillow was moonlight,

The light, distinctive and so bright,

I looked and saw a truthful sight.


The moon it smiled and called my name,

I saw myself, and it was right,

I guess there’s only me to blame,

That half was black, and half was white.


2018 © Following Whispers

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