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Aloha!!! …I’d like to treat you all to another one of my published poems from my debut poetry book “Proceed With Awesome” (Available here), this one is in support of those deserving people who are still looking for (or building foundations with) their partner in crime / soulmate.

Just remember, love is likely to come knocking when you least expect it, embracing those whose hearts are already in the right place. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not, your chances of finding love will always be much greater if you stay positive, love yourself first and let things progress naturally! …enjoy!

True Love

I want to tell you all about love,

And share its secrets and power with you,

The colour, the warmth and mostly the beauty,

Of a force that is strong when it’s true.


I perceive it to be like a flower,

With pollen to share when it blossoms and blooms,

The pollen from one may inspire another,

Or sometimes it gets people high from its fumes.


Avoid fake flowers called infatuation,

These imitations should always be feared,

Although some people scarred from a past love,

Prefer things genetically engineered.


Me, I’m out there, after the real thing,

Planting seeds, only to see stunted growth,

My heart still awaits the growth of a flower,

As I promised it one, and I swore under oath.


There is a seed, and it has my name on,

Fairly nearby if I look hard enough,

That will grow into a large and prosperous flower,

If I plant it before life tries calling my bluff.


The seed bears a magnet, drawing me closer,

Whispering softly, though I don’t know where from,

I just wish to find this pure divine power,

Before I blink and my time has all gone.


When this flower grows and matures,

My heart will be at peace for all time,

And the flower shall be wilted by nothing,

As I will have united with the power divine.


To every love searcher following whispers,

Don’t wallow in pain, you must go beyond,

For if you stay focused and try to be patient,

I’m sure that you’ll find your true loving bond.


2018 © Following Whispers

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