“ISS It Safe?” (poem / poetry)

Houston, I hear you have a global problem,

Everyone’s scared, and it’s a struggle to stop them,

Things are so crazy, you’re all on lockdown,

Who knew, we’d be less confined than you now!

It’s still awesome here, watching Earth’s rotation,

But as you know, time’s slower on the Space Station,

However, it’s of the essence, so I wanted to know,

At a guess… when will it be safe to come home?

💕 Copyright © 2020, Chapter and Verse Publishing 💕

As many of you may already know, I am a huge science and space Geek! I literally binge-watch scientific programmes and space documentaries, (among other things of course).

I have huge respect for those brave souls, who are ethically pushing the envelope of our understanding, and what we are capable of.

So, I wanted to take a moment to put us in an Astronaut’s shoes, and encourage us to think about how this global crisis must look, to those who are isolated for a living, for months at a time!

I regularly watch live streams on YouTube, of the view of Earth and space from the ISS (International Space Station), it’s an awe inspiring experience, but I bet it pales in comparison to actually being there!

I hear that it really puts into perspective both how insignificant we are as individuals, a species, or planet even; but also how many once-thought “impossible” hurdles, we managed to find a way past, in order to further Humanity’s achievements, and illustrate how amazing we are.

So, remember, what we accomplish, is only limited by our creativity and belief… thus, it’s important to keep hope alive folks!

Love and Respect always,

Following Whispers.

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To Infinity and Beyond

Hello fellow explorers! Once again, I’d like to bless you with another free poem, to give you a further taster of my debut poetry book, “Proceed With Awesome” (Available here).

This poem is dedicated to those of us who love to travel, meet new people, learn something new about the World or themselves, embrace unfamiliar experiences, plus to those who appear to seek ALL available knowledge and experiences. …good hunting!


Travelling is something we all seem to do,

Either physically or exploring the depths of the mind,

Whether it’s miles or thoughts that you cover,

You can’t do it all in a single lifetime.


Just think how many square metres this World has,

Too many for any one mind to perceive,

It’s impossible for someone to visit each metre,

And know that they’ve been everywhere when they leave.


All of the knowledge and information around us,

Could never be absorbed or viewed by one brain,

Those amazing facts of existence and culture,

For one person to know, would send them insane.


Complex data and ancient mysteries,

That place or fact the map or media missed,

Secrets, experiences and Government cover-ups,

Put together would form an infinite list.


There are people you shall never walk past,

There are things you shall never think of or see,

Things that don’t interest you, so you miss out,

Wisdom you want that is never released.


This planet amazes me with what it contains,

I know I can never know its full contents,

Questions I have that shall never be answered,

Things that I’ve read, but don’t get what they meant.


If you know everything then there are no surprises,

Being a know all, you’d have nothing to seek,

I’m glad that this is not at all possible,

As you’d be detained and labelled a freak.


We’re a small, compact ball of information,

There is so much more away from our planet,

Stars, Galaxies and the unknown Universe,

We want this knowledge, but could we handle it?


2018 © Following Whispers

Sphinx Under A Starry Sky

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