“Intimate Exchange” (portrait / poem / poetry)

No advanced intel, unsure what to expect,

I prepared myself the best that I could, with respect,

To the fact I’ve never done anything like this before,

Thus far, I’ve been private in my manner, of course.

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I’ve noticed, my alias neglects formality,

You don’t know my name, only my personality,

Sure, you can call me Friend, or Following Whispers,

But, if you’re wondering, my real name is Clinton.

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“Resonant Love”

The Wedding Singer stepped up to the mic,

A tender inflection came out of his pipes,

The crowd stood amazed by this wondrous sound,

He sang love songs, some his own, some renowned.

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“Sleigh Anyway!”

Whispers the red-clothed wordsmith,

Had a very shiny head,

And if you ever saw it,

You’d know that his hair had shed,

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Scratching my head,

Feeling confused,

Rigged to explode,

Need to defuse,

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Attention! given,

Awaiting orders,

Spiritually driven,

Intentions… flawless,

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