“Squander Not”

Many people around the globe, have a treasure they never enjoy,

When pain and sadness try to roost, there’s rarely a better decoy,

Yet these individuals ignore the resource, with no remorse ‘til some’s gone,

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“Fit” (poem / poetry)

There’s a phrase that relates to things matching a mould,

“You can’t fit a square peg in a round hole”,

Yet I beg to differ, as I think that you can,

It depends how creative your perception is man!

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“Exclusive Exclusion” (poem / poetry)

Criminally crude constructs, tailored to favour,

Privileged positions, a rich man’s money maker,

Sweetheart deals protected, by steep criteria,

To ensure the masses stay weak and inferior.

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“War Torn” (poem / poetry)

Entrenched in turmoil, holding my ground,

Battling this foe, as they’re staring me down,

We’re both so different, my fear takes a hold,

I stick to one side, or there’s judgement, we’re told.

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“Plenitude” (poem / poetry)

This may seem quite odd, but it really works,

Thinking you’re poor gives you an undying thirst,

You’ll never be satisfied, instead you’ll feel empty,

Never finding enough, but the search is so tempting.

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