The Big Chill

Hello my fellow sledders! After the recent snowstorm that most of us around the World have been subjected to, I had the urge to share another published poem for free with you all, from my debut book of poetry “Proceed With Awesome” (Available here), although this time the poem has a much more frosty feel!

I wrote this poem at a time when I was feeling pretty low, I had been putting a brave face on and soldiering through it as well as I could, but when I finally began to open up about the thoughts and emotions I was wrestling with, I was met with a wall of silence for the most part.

Penning this poem whilst stuck in that dark place was my way of describing my mind state, preparing to move forward with my life, and laying the foundation for its linked poem – “Grateful” (also found in my debut book), which drew a line under my angst, gave me the strength to begin venting my pent up bitterness properly, then reminded me (and eventually showed others) that dark experiences and realities can be used as fuel to rebuild again!

The World Is So Cold…

Nose hairs breaking like icicles,

Take a deep breath and feel the sting,

Frozen solid, no sniffs or trickles,

That’s how cold the World really is.


Worse than the strongest blizzards,

Just think of the total opposite to,

The preferred temperature of an African Lizard,

Timesed by infinity, and you still have no clue.


There is no scientific explanation or theory,

Although there’s a reason, which remains hidden,

I try to speak out, but no-one hears me,

The words won’t travel, because it’s so bitter.


Limbs filled with death, no likely repair,

No new blood arrives, no spent blood can leave,

Resulting in a loss of feeling, as if nothing’s there,

Like the black foot of Longfellow Deeds.


Should it be forgotten? Is it still ‘there’?

I mourn its condition and try to revive it,

Will nobody help me?! Does anyone care?

Greedy Zombies have no real way of realising.


The weather’s preset, forecast, misleading,

This used to be my real smile, and is still what it looks like,

But it’s simply frozen to resemble it, that’s the reason,

Why the World is so cold… yet still… I smile!


2018 © Following Whispers

Frozen BubbleBird On Frozen Bubble

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