“Of All Time”

In the spirit of regularly challenging myself, thinking outside of the box, and opening up to others more, I came up with this piece, which is a humorous one-sided conversation with someone, where I give away clues about my Favourite Movie, then after much guessing and pleading, I get annoyed that they are seemingly ignorant!

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I’ve noticed, my alias neglects formality,

You don’t know my name, only my personality,

Sure, you can call me Friend, or Following Whispers,

But, if you’re wondering, my real name is Clinton.

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Write, ponder, write some more,

Pour out your heart, doing what you adore,

Reach out to others, give them support,

Food for thought, a lighthouse in the storm.

Typeset, proofread, prettify code,

Design cover, render, log in, upload,

Details, keywords, proofs, edit mode,

Approved, “Hello World, here’s my next episode!”


Someone recently asked me, “how do you go about publishing a book?” I sighed deeply, then said, “with a lot of love and passion, research, planning, vision and patience, but man oh man, the end result is well worth the effort!”

Here, I touch on my creative and production process with a bit more (albeit playful) detail. I really hope you take the time to check “Confront The Shadows” out, as it doesn’t paint life as a bed of roses, instead it is raw; real; eye opening; supportive; it illustrates personal growth; and captures moments of strength and immense beauty.

I hope it proves to you that life has it’s hard times for us all, you are not alone in your struggles. Yes, people do give up and cash out, but when we choose to use our pain and suffering to fuel our growth instead, rather than feeding our fears and adding to our problems, we find new ways to be strong, be fulfilled, and in turn, we become a beacon of hope.

So, follow the link in my Bio, read the blurb, buy the book, join me on this poetic quest, and learn a lot more about me, yourself and the World around us in the process. We can achieve so much in our lifetime, but first we have to face the darkness and remove its power over us, then we are free to shine like the fantastic beings we were always meant to be! Shine bright, my friend!

Love and Respect always,

Following Whispers.

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Quick Poetry Update

Hiya Gang,

I just wanted to give you beautiful people a heads up, that my new book of poetry “Confront The Shadows” (pictured above), which is due for Worldwide release on Wednesday 20.03.19, is now available for pre-order!

For more info, go to followingwhispers.com/books/cts

Thank you so much for your support, it means a lot!

Love and Respect always,

Following Whispers.


“The Search”

I look up and down, to the left and the right,

Searching for something, just out of sight,

Calling out to me, whispering truths,

But as hard as I hunt, it remains out of view.

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“Resonant Love”

The Wedding Singer stepped up to the mic,

A tender inflection came out of his pipes,

The crowd stood amazed by this wondrous sound,

He sang love songs, some his own, some renowned.

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Carefully bolted tight, greased and covered,

Our love is secure, not flaunted or smothered,

It’s not in a pageant, nor seeking a prize,

The title “World’s Greatest”, is felt, not implied.

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“Sleigh Anyway!”

Whispers the red-clothed wordsmith,

Had a very shiny head,

And if you ever saw it,

You’d know that his hair had shed,

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