“What It’s Good For” (poem / poetry)

There are many battles fought, in the name of one war,
These quests champion equilibrium for us all,
Until the chokehold around our throats releases,
We’ll progress, by tackling these manageable pieces.

Oppression; genocide; gender inequality;
Hatred by association; caste superiority;
Freedom of sexuality; poverty; torture;
Global suffering’s created ethical warmongers.

Classic war’s damaging… deep seeded destruction,
But our’s is for togetherness, dismantling assumptions,
It’s good for our humanity, so good for the soul,
And for the underdogs, reclaiming their personal control.

Will you build an equal future? Can you perceive…
A World where we’re not told what we are, or must be?
No more circumstantial barriers, prejudice or hate,
Just a planet full of love, where everybody feels great.

💕 Copyright © 2020, Chapter and Verse Publishing 💕

This is the third piece on the topic of combating inequality in a row from me now, so I think this one is fairly self-explanatory, but anyone who would like to get into things a bit deeper and discuss or contrubute, feel free to comment on this post, or DM me if you’d rather.

Love and Respect always,

Following Whispers.

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