“Together We Stand” (poem / poetry)

Some people don’t care about crippling oppression,
As long as it isn’t happening to them,
They’ll try their best, to teach us a lesson,
Which is from where the root of the problem has stemmed.

Their arguments hold less weight than a feather,
Every word they utter, fortifies their cold views,
As they try to stop us from uniting together,
By shutting us down, with loopholes and abuse.

They see that the beehive is acting with honour,
So they poke it with sticks, tempting hateful reactions,
They’re desperate to say, “look, these people are monsters!”
Those tricked into violence, feed the greatest distraction.

Civil rights abuses are disgusting, period,
Perpetrators now have no place left to hide,
To my brothers and sisters of all colours, none inferior,
As we all stand as one, my heart gushes with pride.

💕 Copyright © 2020, Chapter and Verse Publishing 💕

It’s been extremely heartwarming seeing so many people of all colours and races, standing side by side in opposition of the treatment of black people. We are not currently treated as equals by all people, or “the establishment”, thanks to loopholes in our laws, the abuse of authority by some enforcement officials, and the legacy of centuries of brainwashing, but hopefully, these inspiring efforts will begin to undo this.

I wish to wholeheartedly thank the majority of our global black community, for having the strength to show that enough is enough, without tarnishing our cause with reckless and overly aggressive behaviour. I also want to thank our allies for their support; empathy; and their passion in calling out both our oppressors, and those too ignorant to do anything but criticise.

This movement is but a stepping stone in righting the ills of this World. Once we have stopped these long standing atrocities, and we have a greater sense of racial equality, we can then begin to focus our energies on other worthwhile causes, together.

It is both a difficult and a beautiful time to be alive. We have gone through so much pain and suffering, but we also live in an age where we can mobilise so much quicker and more effectively, that there is no problem we can’t solve, as long as we stick together, lead with our hearts and continue to stand up for what is right!

Love and Respect to you all, always,

Following Whispers.

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