“No Excuses” (poem / poetry)

If the shoe was on the other foot, and whites were oppressed,
For hundreds of years, facing things too raw to digest,
Lord knows, there’d be a build up deep in their gut,
Upon reaching breaking point, they’d have to stand up.

They’d challenge the reality of black privilege;
The pain whites endure and how they’re forced to live;
The fact that their lives are still easily expendable;
And that racism was still seen as somewhat defendable.

Protests would be arranged under “White Lives Matter”,
Many blacks would march too, with “WLM” banners,
Rest assured, I’d be onboard, showing my support,
Instead of saying, “all lives matter”, downplaying the onslaught.

Yes, every life’s important, but you’re missing the point,
We’re all kin, simply the fruit of another loin,
Equality’s achieved, by tackling the worst abuses,
So I say thank you to our allies, for your lack of excuses.

💕 Copyright © 2020, Chapter and Verse Publishing 💕

It is incredibly moving to see so many of us uniting, putting our differences aside and showing a unified response, to the bleak realities and inequality that the majority of black people have faced for hundreds of years, and still do to this day.

However, there are groups of folks out there, who think that the black lives matter movement is not something that they want to recognise or support. Some of these people have also taken to smearing and attacking the name and sentiment of the movement! How very narrow minded and self serving of them.

We are not saying that all lives do not matter, we are not saying that black lives matter more than other lives, nor are we looking for revenge, we are simply highlighting and addressing the multi-generation spanning oppression and slaughter of innocent black people. It should not have occurred, it should not have been allowed to endure, and it must stop!

To all of the beautiful warriors, of all colours, races and walks of life that are supporting this movement, in the hopes of one day soon rectifying this appalling issue, you have earned my love and respect. I thank you, my ancestors thank you, and for my great grandkids, who will not be born for decades yet, I wish to thank you on their behalf.

These seeds of solidarity we are sowing, will bear fruit that will be enjoyed by humankind for centuries to come, and beyond.

Love and Respect always,

Following Whispers.

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