“My Wishlist” (poem / poetry)

I don’t need a present, I don’t need a card,

I know for your kind heart, hearing that’s hard,

You’re ever so generous, selfless and kind,

When I think of great gifts, one thing comes to mind.

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“Homely Heart” (poem / poetry)

Do you ever wonder what’s the cure to lonely,

The antidote to you feeling empty inside,

First off, stop thinking about yourself only,

Do away with your sense of entitlement, pride.

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“Subatomic Code” (poem / poetry)

Infinitesimally small, ridiculously tiny,

That’s the size of the particles, the eye cannot see,

A World without limits, richer than Billionaires,

But smaller than a pinhead, or the tip of a hair.

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“Your Blueprint” (poem / poetry)

When most think of a blueprint, they picture a guide,

An X-ray or illustration of what lies inside,

For a human, I imagine their genes would suffice,

With a photo and their medical history, right?!

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“Barrage” (poem / poetry)

I was unprepared for the torrential downpour,

Searching for answers, yet tough questions were my reward,

Surrounded by freak weather, I couldn’t see through the fog,

Bombarded so ferociously, I feared it wouldn’t stop.

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“Well Said?” (poem / poetry)

I said I’m a martyr, but they heard I’m immortal,

So plans to test this were formed, which is awful,

I meant that I’d die for my cause, in a heartbeat,

I’ve made peace with it, I’m not saying they can’t harm me.

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