“Better Balance” (poetry / poem)

Most of us grew up in modest conditions,

We work very hard for the things we have,

Money guides lifestyle and leisure decisions,

Health and happiness nowadays, often rank last.

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“Choice” (poetry / poem)

It’s never too late for self improvement,

Not society led, but a personal movement,

Wha’dya want from life? What skills do you crave?

Will you master your mind? Has your flight been delayed?

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“Indifferent” (poetry / poem)

Some walk the path of least resistance,

No opinions preside, simply indifference,

Horrific things happen, they just shy away,

During wondrous moments, they’ve little to say.

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“Bingo” (poetry / poem)

“Okay, let’s begin!”, I pull out my dabber,

To acknowledge the traits of mine I feel matter,

“Honesty”, yes, I have that in spades;

“A Positive Mindset”; “Patience” …for days!

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“The Rush” (poetry / poem)

Hormones assemble in voracious fashion,

Eager to enhance your fateful attraction,

You start to perspire, your skin swells with blood,

Sensations are heightened, you shudder and blush.

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“Nailed” (poetry / poem)

Your departure was needed, but still, I’m conflicted,

Since you left me, I feel very different,

You got too big for your boots, to be fair,

To keep you around, would’ve caused me despair.

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