“Left Behind” (poem / poetry)

Many of us feel like we’re caught in a race,

Rigged from the start, so we’re far off the pace,

Frantically trying to control our direction,

Make our mark, find success, meet expectations.

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“Upstanding” (poetry / poem)

Please be upstanding for our very special guest,

As they grace us with their presence, we feel so blessed,

Every encounter’s a pleasure, an honour, a gift,

Their spirit and warm heart, give us all a huge lift.

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“Connective Energy” (poetry / poem)

Positive spark seeks negative pairing,

To create a circuit and keeps things moving,

Negative spark seeks positive sharing,

To turn things around and keep ions transfusing.

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“Alien Intruder” (poem / poetry)

You have me, or rather, I have you,

People hearing that, may mistake the phrase to be cute,

But my base was infiltrated, no clearance was granted,

Nor would it be, as you want my well-being supplanted.

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“Proof Pending” (poetry / poem)

We extracted multiple clues from the scene,

Potential evidence, carefully retrieved,

Nothing’s yet conclusive, we’ll investigate further,

Fateful accident, or premeditated murder?

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“Aspire” (poetry / poem)

Sometimes we desire to try something new,

Venture from our comfort zone, to fresh pursuits,

This takes great courage, it’s no simple feat,

To inspire and drive yourself, with belief.

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“Circumscribed” (poetry / poem)

My outer shell’s all that most can perceive,

To many, this totally encapsulates me,

They see my bark; branches; leaves; and bloom;

Yet, beyond the husk, there’s more to exhume.

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