“Well Said?” (poem / poetry)

I said I’m a martyr, but they heard I’m immortal,

So plans to test this were formed, which is awful,

I meant that I’d die for my cause, in a heartbeat,

I’ve made peace with it, I’m not saying they can’t harm me.

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“Breaking And Entering” (poem / poetry)

Someone, help me, please call the cops!

There’s a robbery in progress, and they’ll never stop,

They’re after my treasure, my sacred jewel,

They know where to look, without using Google.

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“Soak It In” (poem / poetry)

The hot tap’s turned on, the boiler ignites,

The gas feeds the flames, that heat water just right,

Aqua flows through the pipes, runs into the tub,

Mixes with salts, and makes bubbles and stuff.

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“Share And Share A Like” (poem / poetry)

Someone has an idea, then sculpts its development,

Shares a post with an audience, they deem relevant,

After 48 hours, they see very few likes,

They lose faith in the idea, which in turn, dims their light.

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“It Lens Itself” (poem / poetry)

Looking for something, with these two peepers,

I glance, I stare, and then… jeepers creepers!

Twisted, distorted, scary sights form,

I look on in horror, while hearing applause.

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“Intimate Exchange” (portrait / poem / poetry)

No advanced intel, unsure what to expect,

I prepared myself the best that I could, with respect,

To the fact I’ve never done anything like this before,

Thus far, I’ve been private in my manner, of course.

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