“Dee, Dum, Doolally” (poem / poetry)

Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum,

Plant the seed, then eat the plum,

Horses for courses, I now feel hoarse,

From singing and yelling and talking of course.

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“Community” (poem / poetry)

To feel welcome and accepted is the greatest of feels,

It gives you purpose, encouragement, emotionally heals,

Having supportive people, during your darkest moments,

Can literally save your life, and help mend what’s broken.

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“Limitless” (poem / poetry)

Life sometimes has a way of pushing our buttons,

Which in turn might trigger our own self-destruction,

If we stew on the negatives, a festering broth,

It bubbles and boils, ‘til the goodness is gone.

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“Opportune” (poem / poetry)

When a window of opportunity arises,

Be ready to act, lest someone realises,

And makes use of the moment before you,

Turning what should be yours, into their good fortune.

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“Reach” (poem / poetry)

Even when our hearts are in the right place,

Some people won’t welcome us, we’ll receive hate,

Don’t take it personal, just give them space,

They may come around, if they don’t, it’s okay.

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“Left Behind” (poem / poetry)

Many of us feel like we’re caught in a race,

Rigged from the start, so we’re far off the pace,

Frantically trying to control our direction,

Make our mark, find success, meet expectations.

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“Upstanding” (poetry / poem)

Please be upstanding for our very special guest,

As they grace us with their presence, we feel so blessed,

Every encounter’s a pleasure, an honour, a gift,

Their spirit and warm heart, give us all a huge lift.

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