“Hearsay” (poem / poetry)

Some think that they know me, but really do not,

They see a few chapters and guess the whole plot,

They’re not mind readers, nor are they my shadow,

Their opinions on me, are therefore quite shallow.

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“Fragile Feels” (poem / poetry)

How sudden, how quickly, our bliss can be troubled,

The peaceful tranquility that once sang, is muzzled,

Such fragility, specks of dust tarnish the gleam,

Connection severance from hinted dissonance, it seems.

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“Done” (poem / poetry)

The last minutes are upon us, there’s not long left,

The countdown’s begun, I have much to inspect,

I need to stay wary, keep an eye on proceedings,

So things don’t explode, from getting too heated.

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“Soul Model” (poem / poetry)

You should know that I feel you, your spirit, your aura,

For the way your heart smoulders, we simply adore ya,

Your presence in all of our lives is just priceless,

Caring for the masses, not merely the righteous.

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“Currently Alternating” (poem / poetry)

What Tesla experienced, could happen to me,

I may not amount riches that the greedy can see,

I too might be overlooked, in the things I achieve,

But I’ll build a better future, through the power of my dreams.

💕 Copyright © 2020, Chapter and Verse Publishing 💕

Sometimes, a bold statement and the drive to see it through is all you need.

Love and Respect always,

Following Whispers.

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“Mutual Reds-pect” (poem / poetry)

You’ll Never Walk Alone, my Friend, You’ll Never Walk Alone,

These meaningful words fill my heart as they echo,

I stand in this amphitheater of dreams,

Bathed in the love of my Tribe and my Team.

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