“Core Slimey” (poem / poetry)

I’m feeling quite Sluggish, drained of my energy,

My movements are slow, but they feel intense to me,

I’m trying to get somewhere, dodging pellets and salt,

The Gardener is angry, which is kinda my fault.

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“Real Strength” (poem / poetry)

There’s a time to be strong, and a time to be delicate,

Sometimes we see both, like a hug from an elephant,

We are taught to be tough, to ensure we succeed,

The thicker your hide, the less likely you’ll bleed.

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“Keep Her True” (poem / poetry)

The heart is a vessel that can be hard to Captain,

When torn between knowledge, and what we imagine,

Too much reality, sadly, leaves no room for hope,

But steer blind towards dreams, and you’ll crash on the coast.

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“Blank The Blinkers” (poem / poetry)

Know that I’m no sheep, I won’t just conform,

Simply because, I’m shown what’s the norm,

I have my own mind, I know who I am,

I’d rather disappoint, than partake in a sham.

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“Dark Wars” (poem / poetry)

I’ve not moved, and yet fought a huge battle inside,

The Empire Strikes Back, times four hundred and five,

Evil took no prisoners, genocide ensued,

By those wanting to extinguish, the light and the truth.

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“Sensitive Subjective” (poem / poetry)

We have only five senses, or so we’re told,

But our perceptions are affected, by a predefined mould,

Toxic or rotten things, can be made to seem great,

Switching off the alarm bells, inside of our brain.

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“Eleventh Heaven” (poem / poetry)

As a longtime sufferer, I want to thank you,

Firstly, for making nosebleeds cool,

Plus you brought back my youth, in vivid HD,

Many wonderful memories, that helped to make me.

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