“Beloved” (poetry / poem)

I tip my hat to you, you’ve found something great,

Desired by many, an antidote of hate,

Healer of the sick, and the fuel in our chest,

Each time it is shared, both parties feel blessed.

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“No Longer Abel” (poetry / poem)

Two brothers fighting for attention and praise,

Trying to outdo each other in ways,

They hope will secure them the title of favourite,

Both missing the point, however you label it.

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“Stairway To Nowhere” (poetry / poem)

Standing in the middle of these far-reaching steps,

This climb has drained me, not that you’d guess,

I need to keep going, surely, I must finish,

But I’ve changed inside, my heart’s no longer in it!

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“Freq’ Of Nature” (poetry / poem)

With every passing moment, the vibes go through and through me,

Some frequencies brighten my soul, while others, they renew me,

It Hertz to see the World in pain, so I bring forth 174,

Then 396 Hz and 417, to achieve this even more.

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“Infinity Mirrors” (poetry / poem)

I’m often a reflection of what you project,

If you bring bad vibes, that’s what you may get!

When I am the one who first taints the mood,

I reap what I sow, and must swallow said food.

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