“Classically Crafted” (poem / poetry)

I channel the vigour of Ed’ Allan Poe,

As beasts encircle, the ink doth flow,

My fevered ravings, cling to the parchment,

The fire in my belly’s increasingly ardent.

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“Bright, Despite” (poem / book update)

Indeed, you may try to dull my shine,

But you can’t control what’s inherently mine,

One way or another, my light will get through,

Your darkness won’t succeed in hiding the truth.

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“Prove Them Wrong” (poem / poetry)

They think we can’t do it, they see us as dense,

They say we’re not capable, lacking in strength,

Apparently, we don’t have the will to succeed,

We surrender our fate, content being sheep.

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“Uphill Struggle” (poem / book release update)

Life, you’re a tough one, you challenge me lots,

Teach lessons, and remind me of ones I’ve forgot,

You lay down the scope of the work to complete,

You ask me to reach higher heights, find your peak.

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“Measure Up” (poem / poetry)

Forget what you say, your actions speak volumes,

Praise and compliments, are empty without proof,

Your words are important, your deeds more so,

When they don’t correlate, it’s a slug to the torso.

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“Mistaken Assumptions” (poem / poetry)

There’s often a rift between truth and perception,

Sometimes caused by ignorance, others, deception,

What’s shown and what’s real, can be so far apart,

Things we’re made to believe, opposing their heart.

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