“Fads Forward” (poem / poetry)

What will be the legacy of the trends we adopt?

Will they enhance humankind or finish us off?

With “The Floss”, will hip replacement surgery soar,

Or strengthen the muscles in our arms, legs and core?

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“Do You?” (poem / poetry)

I have a quite pressing, effervescent question,

Vibrating your strings with theoretical plectrum,

You’ll either resonate, or dispute this here classic,

But I’d like to know, do you believe in magic?

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“Defiance” (poem / poetry)

No, not at all, that’s not acceptable,

Your proposal’s offended my main receptacles,

We won’t stand for this, we’ll fight to the hilt,

For our honour, we’ll unite like a patchwork quilt.

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“Best” (poem / poetry)

You don’t have to be the best, it may drive you insane,

As long as you do your best, you’ll win at this game,

That’s all life asks, that you give it your best shot,

Make the most of each moment, ‘til your clogs are popped.

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“Pro-misses” (poem / poetry)

Your word is your bond, a reflection of self,

Don’t promise me one thing, then do something else,

It’s frustrating, being taken by surprise,

Down an unwanted path, because of your lies.

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“No Credit” (poem / poetry)

I know my worth, I cannot be bought,

I won’t depreciate, or sell myself short,

No amount of sweet nothings or crafty bribes,

Will disable the defence of my treasures inside.

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“Dee, Dum, Doolally” (poem / poetry)

Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum,

Plant the seed, then eat the plum,

Horses for courses, I now feel hoarse,

From singing and yelling and talking of course.

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“Community” (poem / poetry)

To feel welcome and accepted is the greatest of feels,

It gives you purpose, encouragement, emotionally heals,

Having supportive people, during your darkest moments,

Can literally save your life, and help mend what’s broken.

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“Limitless” (poem / poetry)

Life sometimes has a way of pushing our buttons,

Which in turn might trigger our own self-destruction,

If we stew on the negatives, a festering broth,

It bubbles and boils, ‘til the goodness is gone.

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