“Eleventh Heaven” (poem / poetry)

As a longtime sufferer, I want to thank you,

Firstly, for making nosebleeds cool,

Plus you brought back my youth, in vivid HD,

Many wonderful memories, that helped to make me.

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“Larva Than Life” (poem / poetry)

Most people see a butterfly, but don’t comprehend,

That the journey it took to become one’s immense,

Such a stark transformation, from humble beginnings,

Surviving hardships, to harness, the laws of physics.

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“Root Of The Matter” (poem / poetry)

Hi, I’m here, because I wanted to show,

That it’s cool to open up, even for blokes,

Life can smell of roses, and sometimes of crap,

When it gets too much for me, my friends have my back.

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“Proactive Deactivation” (poem / poetry)

This World harbours many a wondrous soul,

Dealing with struggles, and hurdles untold,

Outside they may seem, quite strong and upbeat,

While a deep pain is hidden, right under their sleeves.

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“WiFight It?” (poem / poetry)

Dear ISP, can you please tell me why,

I’ve developed issues, when streaming on WiFi?

I decided to empower myself with online learning,

Since then, the buffering symbol keeps swirling.

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“Mental Slavery” (poem / poetry)

The longer the subservience, the harder to break,

If the mind’s conditioned, sadly, freedom can wait,

Generations who’ve known nothing but slavery,

Won’t grasp it’s severity, or show much bravery.

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