“Do You Measure Up?” (poem / poetry)

Forget what you say, your actions speak volumes,

Praise and compliments, are empty without proof,

Your words are important, your deeds more so,

When they don’t correlate, it’s a slug to the torso.

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“Mistaken Assumptions” (poem / poetry)

There’s often a rift between truth and perception,

Sometimes caused by ignorance, others, deception,

What’s shown and what’s real, can be so far apart,

Things we’re made to believe, opposing their heart.

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“Approaching” (poem / book release news)

The time is near, it won’t be long now,

The days on the calendar, almost crossed out,

It’s been a long wait, but it’s almost complete,

From tormented longing, to a handful of sleeps.

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“Naturally” (poem / poetry)

Get in touch with nature, let it soothe your soul,

Observe the bond we all share, and understand your role,

From the smallest, fragile bugs, to the largest creatures,

We share DNA, the ways we behave, and some of our features.

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“It’s A Mystery” (poem / poetry)

If you only had seconds, what would you do,

To save your loved ones and the ones who love you?

The majority of us, would lay down our life,

To ensure they were safe from harm and alright.

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”Teasing Season” (poem / poetry)

I waited patiently for you to arrive,

The time came for me to bask in your warmth,

You spoiled me last time, leaving me hypnotised,

So of course, I was eagerly yearning for more.

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