Poems That Move You

“Poems That Move You: Inspirational Poetry”

PTMY eBook Cover (Small)

Book Blurb:

The modern rhyming poems featured in this trailblazing book, can easily stir up a wide variety of emotions in you, they can… be insightful; make you laugh; inspire you; surprise and entertain you; heal you; encourage you to do great things; warm your heart; assist you in your personal growth; help you to appreciate the beauty all around us; begin to change your life for the better; and so much more.

This third release by Following Whispers has a refreshing universal appeal, as it’s suitable for all age groups, plus it will appeal to both poetry lovers, and people who may currently think that poetry is not really for them!

Inside “Poems That Move You”, you’ll find a unique and uplifting reading experience, one oozing with creativity; honesty; playfulness; love; dynamic characters; humour; clever wordplay; questions we all want to ask; compassion; mind-blowing concepts; and a spark that will reignite the fire within your chest. It is a treasure trove, that you’ll be compelled to reach for, time and time again.

Where To Buy:

Available Worldwide as an eBook (digital copy) from Amazon, Kobo, Apple Books and Barnes and Noble.

  • RRP – UK: £4.99 (or the respective country’s currency exchange equivalent).
  • This option gives you an 50% saving on the physical book’s RRP!

Alternatively, it is available as a Paperback, when ordered online from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Waterstones, and you can also order it instore from all reputable bookstores Worldwide (using the title “Poems That Move You” and its ISBN below).

  • RRP – UK: £9.99 (or the respective country’s currency exchange equivalent).
  • ISBN Number: 9781916462724

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Signed Copies:

Enquiries regarding obtaining a signed copy can be made via the contact form on the Contact Us page, alternatively, you can come along to a live event or performance featuring Following Whispers, where you can buy a copy and get it personalised in one go, or bring your already owned copy and get it signed by him free of charge.

Giving Something Back:

10% of all proceeds from Following Whispers’ paperback book sales made at events, performances, or directly through the author in some capacity, will be given to his nominated charity, WaterAid, to help them continue their fantastic work.

Event Bookings:

If you wish to book Following Whispers to feature at your upcoming event, please direct your proposal to Time Capsule Management, or use the aforementioned contact form.