Confront The Shadows

“Confront The Shadows: A Poetic Quest”

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Book Blurb:

This second offering of poetry by Following Whispers, is a collection with a seemingly dark undertone to it. The poems do however come from seeking resolutions to personal turmoil; striving for personal growth; challenging the status quo; observing the World around us, and how we interact with it and one another; it wrestles with love and its imposters for a while, before touching on marriage and parenthood; and speaks on the morality of a man’s character; the pain of losing a loved one, eventually making peace with this; and many other important topics.

Although some effort has been made to use language in a way that is less offensive to others, this book does address many adult issues openly and honestly, so it is therefore not recommended for younger audiences. The poet’s number one intention with “Confront The Shadows”, is to encourage us all to face our fears and confront the darkness that holds us back, which will allow us to begin creating a happier, more fruitful life for ourselves and others.

Following Whispers wishes for you to join him on this very important poetic journey, in order to learn more about him, this World we call home, and more importantly, yourself. Just remember to bring a torch along with you…
Let the quest begin!

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Also available as a Paperback, when ordered online from Amazon, Waterstones, and Barnes and Noble, and available to order instore from all reputable bookstores Worldwide (using the title “Confront The Shadows” and its ISBN below).

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  • ISBN Number: 9781916462717


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Signed Copies:

Enquiries regarding obtaining a signed copy can be made via the contact form on the Contact Us page, alternatively, you can come along to a live event or performance featuring Following Whispers, where you can buy a copy and get it personalised in one go, or bring your already owned copy and get it signed by him free of charge.

Giving Something Back:

10% of all proceeds from Following Whispers’ paperback book sales made at events, performances, or directly through the author in some capacity, will be given to his nominated charity, WaterAid, to help them continue their fantastic work.

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If you wish to book Following Whispers to feature at your upcoming event, please direct your proposal to Time Capsule Management, or use the aforementioned contact form.