I can’t quite recall when I stepped in,

Sensing my presence, it started to spin,

The speed startled me, almost mowing me down,

Caught up in the chase, I kept going around.

Four options: two exits; keep circling; get splattered;

I secured my freedom, realising what matters,

No longer in limbo, I’m back on my way,

But this big ball I’m stuck on, I’m yet to escape.


Monotonous jobs; repetitive mundane actions; things that do not contribute to your health or personal growth; and other unrewarding, time-consuming endeavours, can be very distracting and all-consuming if you let them be! They can drain your very soul, if they’re not kept in check and prioritised.

In contrast to common, mechanical revolving doors, these distractions do not have a safety sensor, that stops their motion if they start nearing your heels, instead, they are likely to mow you down and keep spinning regardless.

How do we protect ourselves from becoming overwhelmed, run down, or mushed to a pulp? Meditating on what’s really important in our lives can help immensely, setting aside time for the things that matter most, taking small, regular steps towards attaining our dreams, while appreciating the now.

I’m no stranger to this process, I repeatedly tweaked my thoughts and actions, based on a greater understanding of myself and my environment, and eventually committed to my chosen purpose… the journey that fills me with warmth and joy. I have found my path, until I leave this planet, by spacecraft, wormhole or ascension.

If you haven’t yet, I hope you do too, my friend!

Love and Respect always,

Following Whispers.

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Author: Following Whispers

Hello, I'm Following Whispers, an English poet and author who has been writing for around two decades. I'm a self-professed geek who can get deep sometimes, but I personally don't take myself too seriously, I just love to have fun, plus inspire myself and others. In my early twenties, I realised that beauty can be born out of not only love, but also pain and other motivations. The more I used writing poetry to make sense of my busy mind, the more it helped me to find a silver lining in even the darkest emotions, experiences, observations and topics; find positivity even in the face of extreme negativity; find strength when I was being forced to feel weak; and find hope that my tomorrows would be brighter. I began publishing my writing in 2018 and currently have two books available Worldwide, including my most recent release "Confront The Shadows". I have bared my soul in each and every one of my poems, and I'm confident that you'll get just as much from reading them and relating them, as I did from writing them. Please feel free to look around my site and read the free poems I've shared here, after which, why not grab a book of mine, drop by Instagram, connect with me and say hello!

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