“Just A Drop”

A drop in the ocean, lost its way,

Evaporated, then, in the sky it did stay,

Met others who could relate to its dilemma,

They united and formed big rain clouds together.

To onlookers, the outlook may have looked bleak,

Grey clouds, close to bursting, an emotional feat,

They returned to the sea, a rainbow appeared,

See, a minuscule droplet, can indeed be revered!


Many of us view ourselves at some point, as insignificant individuals. We think we are unable to have any impact on the World around us. Then life puts us to the test, we experience immense heartache, loss, or other tough challenges, and often feel alone, not knowing where to turn.

These harsh situations take time to come to terms with, there are no quick fixes, we must face the darkness, face our emotions, and find a way to give our future a brighter outlook, than the one we now hold. Having others that we can open up to, can be key to achieving this.

While we share glimpses of our bruised and broken heart, to those that can relate to or empathise with our suffering, it slowly begins to find a new way to beat, a new way to love, as we begin to demonstrate our inner strength, and our capacity to convey beauty, we find a fresh purpose.

This piece is dedicated to all those fighters out there, the ones who have been through hell, but were able to find a way back, and use their pain as a catalyst in creating medicine for the wounds of others. You are a true inspiration! Your outlook on life, given what you’ve endured, gives me hope and nourishes my soul! Thank you for being so courageous, warm-hearted and awesome! 🙏💕

Love and Respect always,

Following Whispers.

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Author: Following Whispers

Hello, I'm Following Whispers, an English poet and author who has been writing for around two decades. I'm a self-professed geek who can get deep sometimes, but I personally don't take myself too seriously, I just love to have fun, plus inspire myself and others. In my early twenties, I realised that beauty can be born out of not only love, but also pain and other motivations. The more I used writing poetry to make sense of my busy mind, the more it helped me to find a silver lining in even the darkest emotions, experiences, observations and topics; find positivity even in the face of extreme negativity; find strength when I was being forced to feel weak; and find hope that my tomorrows would be brighter. I began publishing my writing in 2018 and currently have two books available Worldwide, including my most recent release "Confront The Shadows". I have bared my soul in each and every one of my poems, and I'm confident that you'll get just as much from reading them and relating them, as I did from writing them. Please feel free to look around my site and read the free poems I've shared here, after which, why not grab a book of mine, drop by Instagram, connect with me and say hello!

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