Return to maker, or spares and repairs,

A reckless user, caught my mind unawares.

Return to maker, unwanted gift,

The giver didn’t study my explicit wish list.

Return to maker, too complex for them all,

Does not compute, manufacturer recall.

Return to maker, they have no respect,

Their software is corrupted, factory reset.


We humans are extremely complex beings, living in a World that has been programmed to want only simple answers, for everything to be categorised and in its place, or put in its place.

We are regularly expected to know what people are thinking and feeling, without being told or possessing psychic abilities, or at least to act like we do.

We are told we should pay attention to the big spectacle, the facade of riches and success, and ignore the little things, to disown our compassion and ingenuity, silence our inner-spirit, and deny what actually makes us happy, by conforming to a single pre-scripted definition of happiness.

The intricacies of life however, are not so black and white, and the only one that should govern your choices, is you. Yes, you can be inspired by others, but please be careful where you draw your inspiration from, as there are imposters out there, that are very convincing, but incapable of honesty.

You and you alone manufacture your own reality. It is therefore wise not to be agreeable, you deserve respect, so be honest with (and true to) yourself. Now do me one favour, go back up and reread the micro-poem, and if it hadn’t done so already, does it now take on an empowering tone?

The way you perceive things is key to your true happiness, you can either let something contribute to your downfall, or it can be an opportunity for you to grow emotionally and mentally, finding strength, courage, wisdom, versatility, and the ability to love yourself.

Love and Respect always,

Following Whispers.


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Author: Following Whispers

Hello, I'm Following Whispers, an English poet and author who has been writing for around two decades. I'm a self-professed geek who can get deep sometimes, but I personally don't take myself too seriously, I just love to have fun, plus inspire myself and others. In my early twenties, I realised that beauty can be born out of not only love, but also pain and other motivations. The more I used writing poetry to make sense of my busy mind, the more it helped me to find a silver lining in even the darkest emotions, experiences, observations and topics; find positivity even in the face of extreme negativity; find strength when I was being forced to feel weak; and find hope that my tomorrows would be brighter. I began publishing my writing in 2018 and currently have two books available Worldwide, including my most recent release "Confront The Shadows". I have bared my soul in each and every one of my poems, and I'm confident that you'll get just as much from reading them and relating them, as I did from writing them. Please feel free to look around my site and read the free poems I've shared here, after which, why not grab a book of mine, drop by Instagram, connect with me and say hello!

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